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*To report streetlight problems be ready to provide the closest street address and pole number, if available.

We hope you will find this bulletin board page an easy place to find information about  municipal services and interesting information about your municipality and will visit often!  If you have suggestions for new items to include, please email the Borough secretary at borofairfieldpa@comcast.net or call the Borough office and leave a message at 717-642-5640.

2020 Meeting Dates



The Hamiltonban Community Park (4020 Bullfrog Road, Fairfield) will be holding a tree planting of 30 trees on Saturday March 28, 2020 beginning at 8:30 AM, in partnership with Gettysburg Green Gathering. Volunteers are invited to come join in the planting for an enjoyable morning. Refreshments available!

The Annual Kite Fly is scheduled for Saturday April 25, 2020. Kite BUILDING from 10:00 'til noon AND kite FLYING from 10:00 'til 2:00. No fee! Bring a picnic lunch - make and fly a kite - walk the pathway - build some strength on the fitness equipment - learn something new from the interpretive panels. A day of fun for all!


Did you know that you can RENT THE FAIRFIELD VILLAGE HALL ?

The front room of the Village Hall at 108 West Main Street has been the home to many, many functions - baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, family dinners, memorial services, music concerts, meetings, music jams, and Christmas parties are all in the list. The stadium seating capacity is 237, capacity using tables and chairs is 110. Tables and chairs are available for your use, the air conditioning works great, and there are handicap-accessible bathrooms for both men and women.

Click for a link to the rental agreement and the basic floor plan. Then call the Borough office to see if the date YOU want is available! 717-642-5640.

Fairfield Municipal Authority

The Fairfield Municipal Authority is an independent entity that provides water and sewer service to the Borough and some portions of Hamiltonban Township. Please click the link below to see the 2018 Water Quality Report.

2018 Water  Quality Report

Click here for the Municipal Authority's 2018 spring/summer newsletter.

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