Parks & Recreation

In 2008 Fairfield Borough embraced the Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough Joint Recreation Plan which set the stage for the 2016 cooperative formation of the  Hamiltonban Township and Fairfield Borough Joint Parks and Recreation Commission.

Five enthusiastic members form the Joint Commission – four who are residents of Hamiltonban Township and one who is a resident of Fairfield Borough. The Commission’s initial mission was the development of a public community park serving recreational needs for residents of all ages on land that is owned by Hamiltonban Township, and that mission is well underway.

As of this writing in January of 2021, the Park has been embraced by the community as a meeting place for relaxation and exercise and has been enhanced with multiple tree plantings. Amenities available include a pavilion with charcoal grills; a flag display area; a children’s “train themed” play structure, a swing set with two regular swings, one toddler swing and one specially designed handicap swing;  a sandbox; a children’s natural play area that incorporates “elements for the imagination” (colorful tube crawl, hopscotch climbing rock and stumps with balancing logs to come in the Spring);  a  quarter mile walking pathway; and five adult exercise stations along the pathway. A butterfly/pollinator garden graces the landscape and hosts two mason bee habitats.  Five interpretive panels located throughout the walking area share information on historical and cultural attributes of our area.

Since the successful completion of a bridge over the retaining pond area in 2021, plans can be made for the construction of a second connecting loop of the pathway, lengthening the walking path to a ½ mile circuit.

If you care to make a donation other than a Memorial Donation to contribute to park development, call the Hamiltonban Township secretary at 717-642-8509 or mail your donation to the Township office at PO Box 526, Fairfield, PA. Be sure to include “Park Donation” on your check! To see any and all details about the Commission including its history, plans for the park, a list of donors, Commission meeting dates, and minutes of Commission meetings visit the Township website at and click on PARKS and REC.

See  you at the Park!